We invite you to join our full day wellness retreat at Chakana Day Spa & Wellbeing.

Prepare to be immersed into a world of wellbeing, as we invite you to take a deep dive within, through our rituals of self-care, restoration and self-discovery.

We offer our Chakana Day Retreat as a single or couples retreat (available Tues-Sat) and as a small group retreat (maximum 8 people) once a month on a Sunday.

Please see the Retreat Calendar at the bottom of the page for upcoming retreat dates, and hit the Book Now button to secure your spot.


Please call the Spa to book single or couples day retreats.


Full-day wellness retreat

Date: November 26, 2023

Time:  8am until 4pm

Cost: $815


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8.00amYoga classsee calendar below
9.30amMorning TeaCourtyard
9.45amSpa treatmentChakana Team
11.30amWorkshopsee calendar below
2.15pmSoundbathMardi Ritchie
3.45pmAfternoon Tea Courtyard


75 minutes

Yin yoga comes from the Yin/Yang philosophy which draws attention to the balance of opposing forces. This is a balancing, gentle practise with calm, deep stretches.
Be guided by your breath to soften and release built up tension as you stretch and lengthen the connective tissue. Poses are held to work with the meridian system to relax, release and increase flexibility


90 minutes

Bodywork at its finest. Our signature retreat experience to transform your physical and emotional health. Surrender your body and mind into the safety of trusted hands. A massage, a facial, a journey of letting go.

Blending Eastern massage therapies, with a high-performance classic spa facial.

Reconnect to your inner being with a sequence of signature movements. A Dry body brushing, full body massage, acupressure point release, lymphatic stimulation. Allow thermal stones to liquify rigidity.

A soul-soothing face, shoulder, hand and forearm massage. As well as a decadent scalp massage. A unique face brush exfoliation to remove dead skin and promote moisture absorption.

Be lifted, brightened, tightened and nurtured with Chakana’s pure, ethical and effective formulations.

Realignment to your inner conscience. Harmonise your mind, body and soul.


90 minutes – Courtyard session

Our retreat workshops offer teachings from different philosophies and are a deep dive into self-discovery. Contact the spa for more info on what’s coming up.

Currently, we are offering an introduction to 13th sign astrology.

Relax into our courtyard session with a fascinating, insightful and awakening workshop on the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus.

According to the Babylonians’ own ancient stories, there were 13 constellations in the zodiac. Not just 12.

Discover the real position/ constellation the Sun was in at the moment of your birth.

Allow a veil to be lifted. And gain a deeper insight into your own true nature. A soulful experience in self-discovery and awakening. A wonderful guide to understanding the ‘why’ you are where you are right now and ‘what’ might be yet to come.


90 minutes – By Mardi Ritchie

A deep meditative experience. This is invitation to experience a taste of Mardi’s signature sound with a symphony of instruments tuned to calming frequencies. Allow yourself to be lulled into a state of deep relaxation with voice, song, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums & gongs. A sound healing, a scent infusion and a hypnotic journey of letting go and tuning in through the eye of perception and beyond. You will be guided through your own incredible sonic anatomy and experience the resonating chambers that house your energetic system. Awaken. Journey through the layers of the psyche, through pyramid of sound.


Enjoy a delicious selection of nourishing soul food, with a fully catered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Retreat Calendar

DateRetreat ThemePresenters
26 NOV 2023The Heart Center – Tuning in

Workshop: Simi Sutton – Venus and the 13th sign Astrology

Yoga: Leah Sizeland – Heart release and flow

Soundbath: Mardi Ritchie – The heart and it’s resonating chamber

Spa: Chakana team

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