Nestled in the heart of Avalon Beach village, Chakana Day Spa is a destination. Chakana is a place where time stands still. A place of intuitive touch and healing. More than a day spa, Chakana is a luxe, bohemian escape. Rustic earthy timbers, ancient global treasures, luscious natural linens – a carefully curated space of soul, warmth and feeling. Chakana will take you somewhere else to realign with your celestial self.

Mardi Ritchie, Owner and Founder

Having spent 20 years in spas by day and performing and writing music by night, Mardi began to feel the call to integrate holistic beauty techniques, bodywork and sound healing to create a space where her passions could integrate to become a healing destination. ‘I dreamed of combining healing touch with vibrational sound/song so that others could experience what had healed and restored me. Chakana has enabled me to live that dream.’

Mardi has holistically curated each spa journey to create a modern-day temple. A community for women to take a moment, to re-connect, feel empowered, cared for and nurtured. A place of deep retreat, beauty and soul.

Mardi’s touch is both wise and intuitive. Her signature treatment, Ascend, is an exclusive experience, an opportunity to surrender and tune in deeply – it is the essence from which all of the treatments stem from. This is the next level Chakana experience. Her Ascend treatment introduces Chakana Sound as the heart and soul behind Chakana, where Mardi‘s passion for song-writing and the healing powers of touch, merge to create a multi-layered spiritual experience. Infused within the wisdom of her touch and her songs, written as a spiritual chiropractic, this experience activates energy centres and uplifts the spirit.

‘The body is an instrument. I tune in and feel; find the rhythm. I listen to the vibration of the body as the voice of the soul. I harmonise with it, creating a medicinal space for healing and self-awareness.”

In a world that constantly moves us away from ourselves, Mardi’s passion lies in facilitating her clients’ gentle movement inward and reacquaintance with the extraordinary beauty that lies within them. ‘Chakana is a space grounded by careful, loving intention. You can feel safe and vulnerable here. That’s where healing and beauty are revealed.’



Georgie Lenehan

Georgie is our newest Chakana angel, coming to us with an intimate knowledge of topical skincare nutrition. Her sacred facial work, her knowing touch combined with her deep understanding of the skin will have you travel someplace else and reappear as your most glowing self. Georgie’s own skin journey saw her overcome hormonal, irritated skin through an holistic approach. “I believe beauty begins in the belly so taking care of what you put in your body is as important as what you apply to the skin.” Her facials are really, really special. Trust us.

Leah Sizeland

Yoga teacher, meditation teacher and body worker, Leah has been passionately working with the human body for over 25 years. Travelling the world to evolve her skills in skin science and traditional healing arts, Leah fine-tuned her craft working in Sydney’s top spas. She has a deep passion for touch, healing, birth and movement therapies. In celebration of human form and all its layers, her touch is deep, intuitive and caring.

Simi Sutton

Simi is a healer, a passionate bodyworker and inspired astrologer. Having devoted herself to studies in natural therapies since 1999, Simi endlessly hones her craft, seeking to embrace and awaken the divine feminine in all her healing work. Simi’s body wisdom is vast – an accredited yoga teacher with qualifications in Arvigo therapy (Mayan abdominal Massage), remedial massage, craniosacral therapies, Ayurvedic sacred stones massage, Reiki, theta healing, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage and dance movement therapy. Her astrology readings give clear guidance that nourishes and supports you in moving towards your best self.

Samara Bennett

Samara’s touch is magic. Descendant from a long line of Indigenous healers, Samara realised the gift that had been passed down to her at a young age. Gifting the magic of her hands, she has immersed herself in the world of body work where she is honing her skills and her calling. Samara is truly special and her treatments are other-worldly. Just ask her loyal clients.

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