Chakana Ascend

Chakana Ascend is the sound project of singer songwriter Mardi Ritchie, owner / founder of Chakana Spa & Wellbeing.

It is the branch of the Spa that showcases the heart and soul behind Chakana.

Created to awaken the feeling body through the senses, introducing sound, scent and sight as an addition to the tactile sense of touch that Chakana has become known for.

Chakana Ascend is the latest offering.
A treatment. A soundtrack. A Sound Activated Aroma Range.

It is contemporary healing by compassionate design.

It works with frequency and moves through the density of what is frequently felt within the body, and facilitates an arrival to a lighter sense of being.

“The body is an instrument. I tune in and feel; find the rhythm. I listen to the vibration of the
body as the voice of the soul. I harmonise with it, creating a medicinal space for healing and self-awareness.”


The Chakana Ascend

2 hours $495


Awaken the senses with Mardi Ritchie’s ( owner / founder of Chakana Day Spa & wellbeing) signature treatment – The Chakana Ascend. This is an exclusive experience. A ceremony. A soul odyssey that goes well beyond the skin.

A superior Spa Journey packaged within a next level sculpting Facial. The Chakana Ascend brings sound to the silence, and introduces the heart and soul behind Chakana, where Mardi‘s passion for the healing powers of touch merge with sound, to create a multi-layered next level spiritual experience.

Infused within the wisdom of her knowing touch, this is an intuitively tailored indulgence. A body reading, a soul dance. A scent infusion. A transportation to your celestial self with a sound healing like no other. Voice, bells, sound bowls, gongs, drums. Experience your own resonating chambers. Be lulled to a deep state of rest with the strings of Mardi’s live acoustic guitar, voice and song. This is superior space holding married with the art of intuitive touch. A mastery of craft. A Chakra balancing, a frequency shift, a lighter sense of being. An indian head massage. Acupressure activation to the face, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. Mardi’s signature sculpting face massage – including the neck, shoulders & arms. Let go as you are guided through a sacred system, a hypnosis / a guided meditation to deliver you to your centre, your truth, your most authentic self. A healing. And energy balancing. A deeply nurturing, next level experience to anchor you within the majesty of your own fountain.

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Ascend Music

Chakana Ascend is the sound project of singer/songwriter Mardi Ritchie. Mardi’s voice is tender and wise, imparting resonating truths through her carefully crafted words. Allowing her lyrics to wash over and through you to do their sweet and centring work is the invitation. Written as mantras to accompany her signature treatment, Ascend, they penetrate deeply.

Discover More

Ascend Soundbaths

90 mins $120 per person. Small groups of 8.


A deep meditative experience. This is invitation to experience a taste of Mardi’s signature sound with a symphony of instruments tuned to calming frequencies. Allow yourself to be lulled into a state of deep relaxation with voice, song, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums & gongs. A sound healing, a scent infusion and a hypnotic journey of letting go and tuning in through the eye of perception and beyond. You will be guided through your own incredible sonic anatomy and experience the resonating chambers that house your energetic system. Awaken. Journey through the layers of the psyche, through pyramid of sound.

These are currently running once a month. Contact the spa for dates.

Upcoming Events:

April 21 and May 19

Ascend Aroma Range

As every Chakana Ascend treatment is cocooned in touch, every product within The Chakana Ascend range is energetically bathed in sound; anchoring you in the healing of sonics and scent.


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