Dive deep with one of our signature massages. Work through the layers of tension and allow us to do what we do best, deliver you to a place off deep rest.
Please note, we do not offer remedial/ deep tissue massage.


60 mins: $205 with Team | $255 with Mardi



This is a top-to-toe indulgence, done our way. The ultimate antidote to modern life, this is an extravagant synopsis of our best offering: a massage of the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and of course the feet. Begin with our signature scent inhalation ceremony, then surrender to our knowing touch and pressure point release of all your niggly bits. Emerge softer, more tender, lighter. Pleasantly soporific.

Please note, this does include a back massage, rather an edit of all the best bits. You will be lying face up for this treatment. You can add a back massage on booking.


90 minutes: $280 with Team | $320 with Mardi



Bodywork at its finest. Our signature massage will transform your physical and emotional health. Surrender your body and mind into the safety of trusted, masters of the craft. Blended with Eastern massage therapies, each stroke mindful, artful. Abandon thought, reconnect to your inner being with a sequence of signature movements. Dry body brushing, acupressure point release, lymphatic stimulation. Allow thermal stones to liquify rigidity. Warm bamboo shafts glide across the skin, tension dissipated. Your escape concludes with a sensory sound experience and a realignment to your inner conscience. Harmonise your mind, body and soul.

Please inform us if you’re pregnant and we will happily customise the experience to meet your needs.

Infrared Sauna

$55 per 30 minutes session


Rest, restore and recharge in Chakana’s state-of-the-art Infrared Sauna. Infrared panels penetrate deeply, heating the body internally as well as externally; this is no ordinary sauna. The benefits? Improved sleep, deeply relaxed muscles, detoxification, weight loss and improved circulation. An essential part of a wellness regime.

Shower available on site. Underwear or swimwear must be worn during sauna.


60 minutes $195


Lie back and escape with a decadent lower leg and foot massage, a signature aroma inhalation, a series of signature movements and a shoulder massage. A lower leg exfoliation, cuticle care, a thorough heal and foot buff. A heat infused mask and then a decadent massage.

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