Spa Journeys

The Chakana Ascend

2 hours $495


Awaken the senses with Mardi Ritchie’s ( owner / founder of Chakana Day Spa & wellbeing) signature treatment – The Chakana Ascend. This is an exclusive experience. A ceremony. A soul odyssey that goes well beyond the skin.

A superior Spa Journey packaged within a next level sculpting Facial. The Chakana Ascend brings sound to the silence, and introduces the heart and soul behind Chakana, where Mardi‘s passion for the healing powers of touch merge with sound, to create a multi-layered next level spiritual experience.

Infused within the wisdom of her knowing touch, this is an intuitively tailored indulgence. A body reading, a soul dance. A scent infusion. A transportation to your celestial self with a sound healing like no other. Voice, bells, sound bowls, gongs, drums. Experience your own resonating chambers. Be lulled to a deep state of rest with the strings of Mardi’s live acoustic guitar, voice and song. This is superior space holding married with the art of intuitive touch. A mastery of craft. A Chakra balancing, a frequency shift, a lighter sense of being. An indian head massage. Acupressure activation to the face, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. Mardi’s signature sculpting face massage – including the neck, shoulders & arms. Let go as you are guided through a sacred system, a hypnosis / a guided meditation to deliver you to your centre, your truth, your most authentic self. A healing. And energy balancing. A deeply nurturing, next level experience to anchor you within the majesty of your own fountain.


90 minutes: $325


This powerful body wrap rehydrates, nourishes and detoxifies. A full-body mask, lathered on to extract impurities and clear water retention. A revitalising facial, a stimulating, gentle dry body brush to awaken the lymphatic system. Carefully customised hot aromatic oil formulations are layered in soothing strokes before gently warmed pure linens therapeutically cocoon you. A toe- curling Indian scalp massage, a luxurious aroma bath and finally, an intuitive nurturing massage. Extreme luxury. Escapism.

If booked as part of a couples experience, please note that the shower will be used in place of the bath.


75 minutes: $245 with Team | $285 with Mardi



An all-encompassing spa experience; a customised sensory journey. Lose yourself, then find yourself again with a detoxifying dry body brush to stimulate and renew dry, neglected skin followed by a deeply nurturing full body massage. Our Revitalise facial restores luminosity to your skin. Retreat with this series of restorative skin therapies. A purely holistic ritual.


90 minutes: $295


Dissipate stress, melt away tension. Artful, mindful, healing touch will release your back, neck, shoulders and jaw. Our Revitalise facial will renew and restore your skin. Next, the healing power of touch with a relaxing back massage and the warmth of hot stones to restore your most vital self. And then? Retreat to the Infrared Sauna to detox, stimulate and release exhausted muscles. Deeply transformational for the body and the soul.


90 minutes: $295 with Team | $350 with Mardi



A soul soothing, decadent ritual, this is a facial with a side of massage. Blissfully recentre within this ceremony. A deeply restorative back massage, then release and let go under the nurturing warmth of hot stones, while your lower legs and feet are intuitively kneaded. Be lifted, transformed and restored to your most luminous equilibrium. A soul-soothing face, shoulder, hand and forearm massage. A skin-smoothing enzyme peel. A deeply hydrating mask. A vitamin infusion using Chakana’s Ageless and Essential formulations. Powerful yet pure.


150 minutes $520


The ultimate body renewal; complete immersion. Surrender to a sensory journey – a sequence of signature movements, an invigorating dry body brush and intuitive nurturing touch. Your skin is brushed, polished and then soothed with Chakana’s signature oil infused with native botanical extracts, layered in soothing strokes. Heat-infused pure linen therapeutically cocoons the body, while you relax into our Revitalise facial, a toe-curling scalp massage. Linger in an aroma-infused bath before a full body relaxation massage. Life altering.

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90 minutes $325


The ultimate reveal. Begin with a deep facial cleanse and gentle dry body brush for a powerful lymphatic detoxification. Next, an invigorating yet nourishing full body polish using the purest salts, native botanical extracts and oils to soften, renew and nourish dry and dull skin. Sink into a luxurious aroma bath to soak. Pause, fully immersed. And then? A full body restorative massage to unlock tension and unveil silk-like skin.

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