Chakana Sound

Chakana Sound is the sound project of singer songwriter Mardi Ritchie, owner/ founder of Chakana Day Spa & Wellbeing.

An introspective artist, Mardi is known for her deeply spiritual treatments at Chakana. Birthed as the soundtrack for her signature Ascend treatment and to compliment her range of sound activated products, Chakana Sound was created to awaken the senses, through sound, touch, scent and song. The sound activated mists, perfume rollers and oil blends  give her clients a fully immersive scent and sound experience. The first single, Surrender, which launched in April 2023, is a contemporary sound healing by careful and compassionate design.

Produced by Sean Carey at Church St Studios, each track is composed to gently rearrange and align the vital power centres of the body. Through lyric, melody and layers of rich sound, it invites surrender as an instrument if deep impactful shifts.

The Chakana Ascend EP is a sanctuary of comfort and respite, a place where we can find and renew ourselves. These songs spiral through soundscapes, their impact is transcendent.

“The body is an instrument. I tune in and feel; find the rhythm. I listen to the vibration of the
body as the voice of the soul. I harmonise with it, creating a medicinal space for healing and self-awareness.”


Ascend Treatment

2 hours $495


Awaken the senses with Mardi’s signature treatment – Ascend. This is an exclusive experience. A ceremony. A soul odyssey that goes well beyond.

Ascend introduces Chakana Sound as the heart and soul behind Chakana, where Mardi‘s passion for song-writing and the healing powers of touch, merge to create a multi-layered spiritual experience. This is the next level Chakana experience.

Infused within the wisdom of her knowing touch and her songs, this is an intuitively tailored top to toe indulgence, done Mardi’s way – a massage of the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and of course the feet. This sensory journey activates and uplifts your energy centres as you travel through a soulful sound healing. This is a deeply nurturing, forgiving experience to bring about deep relaxation, balance and inner harmony.

Included in this package is a complimentary Ascend product of your choice.

Chakana Sound

Chakana Sound is the sound project of singer/songwriter Mardi Ritchie. Chakana’s voice is tender and wise, imparting resonating truths through her carefully crafted words. Allowing her lyrics to wash over and through you to do their sweet and centring work is the invitation. Written as mantras to accompany her signature treatment, Ascend, they penetrate deeply.



Sound Bath

90 mins $120 per person. Small groups of 8.


An invitation to experience a taste of Mardi’s signature sound in a small group setting, this is a sound bath but so much more. A sound healing, a scent infusion and a hypnotic journey of letting go and tuning in through the eye of perception and beyond. Journey through the layers of the psyche, delve into the philosophy around the pyramid of sound. Go on a journey within, awaken the senses.

These are currently running once a month. Contact the spa for dates.

The Ascend product range

As every Chakana Ascend treatment is cocooned in touch, every product within The Chakana Ascend range is energetically bathed in sound; anchoring you in the healing of sonics and scent.


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