The Signature Chakana

90mins $250

This is a ritual. A healing, a facial, a body treatment. A holistic journey. This treatment goes well beyond the skin. A sequence of signature movements, a grounding of your meridians. A deeply nurturing, forgiving experience, to bring deep relaxation, balance and harmony. 

Prepare for your entire being to be lifted, brightened, tighten and nurtured. Bioactive vitamins and peptides. A sound healing. This treatment is true bliss, an exclusive experience like no other.

Oil will be left in your hair, please advice therapist if this isn't suitable. 


Customised Skin Ritual

60mins $195

An edited version of The Signature Chakana facial, including all the good bits. Be lifted, brightened, tightened and nurtured. Soul-soothing massage. Stimulating native Australian extracts to balance and boost your skin. A classic facial with a whole lot of soul.


The Bioactive Age Defying

60mins $225

Dynamic, intensive, high performance. An ultra-restorative, yet potent facial. Micro dermal rolling for deep penetration of age-defying ingredients. Intuitive touch, nurturing massage. Skin’s hydration is restored, collagen and elastin are boosted, the skin is soothed. A synergistic blend of bioactive native Australian extracts combined with the revitalising effects of pure clay. Renewed, refined and regenerated - your most luminous complexion yet.

Included in this treatment is your very own micro dermal roller to take home. 


Cosmeceutical Skin Repair

60mins $215

A transformative skin experience. Revitalise, nurture and cosmetically correct your skin – a visible change to your complexion. Far from clinical, this is a luxurious escape. A vitamin infusion, a fruit enzyme peel. Intuitive touch, nurturing massage, a heated, infused head wrap. Potent doses of active ingredients tackle your specific skin concerns. This facial is all about results.​


Quick Glow 

30mins $95

45mins $135

Renewed and revitalised in just over 30 minutes. Deeply cleansing, nourishing and nurturing - this is a quick splash but a deep dive. Add a hand, lower leg and foot massage and stay a while longer. Or tack this onto a body treatment for deserved decadence. Be luminous again.

Our therapists are world class, masters of their craft with unique gifts and years of experience in the health and beauty industry. 

B O D Y  


Body Polish 

75mins $235

The ultimate reveal. A gentle dry body brush. A lymphatic detox. Invigorating yet nourishing full body polish. Salt and macadamia nut powder, native botanical extracts and oils soften, renew and nourish dry and dull skin. Sink into a luxurious aroma bath to soak. Pause, fully immersed. And then? A deep facial cleanse, scrub and a

full body relaxation massage. 

Unlock tension, reveal silk-like skin.


Hot Oil Body Wrap

90mins $250

A powerful infusion to rehydrate and nourish the skin. A stimulating, gentle dry body brush to fire up the lymphatic system. Dead skin be gone. Customised aromatic hot oil, layered in soothing strokes. Heat-infused pure linen therapeutically cocoons the body. There’s more. A quick glow facial, a toe-curling scalp massage. The cocoon removed, luscious supple skin revealed. A sequence of signature movements, intuitive nurturing massage. Extreme luxury. Escapism.


Therapeutic Full Body Massage

60mins $155 / 90mins $195

This is a healing. Transform your physical and emotional health. Surrender to the healing power of touch. Blended with Eastern massage therapies, each stroke mindful, artful. Abandon thought, reconnect to your inner being with a sequence of signature movements. Acupressure point release, lymphatic stimulation. Hot stones glide across the skin to dissipate tension. A sound healing brings your awareness back. Harmonise your mind, body and soul.


Pregnancy Massage

75mins $185

Be nurtured. Gentle, intuitive touch to melt away tension. Swollen hands and feet, tenderly, mindfully kneaded. Surrender your body and mind into the safety of trusted, masters of the craft. Lighter and looser, allow yourself to connect to the body, to the miracle of change within.  

Supportive bolsters available. Massage performed side-lying for safety and comfort.

Not to be performed during 1st trimester.


Infrared Sauna

30mins $55

Pack of 10 $400


Pack of 10 must be redeemed within 6 months and a couples session on a pack of ten = 2 sessions

Rest, restore and recharge in a state-of-the-art infrared sauna. No ordinary sauna, infrared panels penetrate deep down, heating the body internally as well as externally. The benefits? Endless. Improved sleep, deeply relaxed muscles, detoxification, weight loss and improved circulation. An essential part of a wellness regime.

Shower available on site. Underwear or swimwear must be worn during sauna.

S P A  P A C K A G E S 



60mins $195

An all-encompassing spa experience. Retreat with a series of restorative skin therapies. A customised sensory journey, a detoxifying dry body brush to stimulate and renew dry, neglected skin. A deeply nurturing full body massage. The healing power of touch with the warm of hot stones to restore your most vital self. A quick glow facial to revive and restore luminosity to your skin. A purely holistic ritual.



90mins $225

Dissipate stress, melt away tension. Artful, mindful, healing touch to release the back, neck, shoulders and jaw. A quick glow facial to revive and restore luminosity to your skin. Retreat to the infrared sauna to detox, stimulate and release exhausted muscles. A sequence of signature movements, intuitive nurturing massage. Deeply transformational for the body and the soul.​



90mins $250

A facial with a side of massage. A soul soothing, decadent ritual. A customised skin ceremony, a deeply restorative back massage. Be lifted, transformed and restored to your most luminous equilibrium. Hot stones melt away tension, legs and feet are kneaded. All the best bits.



2.5hours $415

The ultimate body renewal. A completely immersive experience. Surrender to a sensory journey - a sequence of signature movements, an invigorating dry body brush, intuitive nurturing touch. Linger a while in an aroma-infused bath. Skin is polished and soothed by native botanical extracts. Customised aromatic hot oil, layered in soothing strokes. Heat-infused pure linen therapeutically cocoons the body. There’s more. A quick glow facial, a toe-curling scalp massage, a full body relaxation massage. Life altering. 

'Our skin is our body’s largest


organ. It is the two most important


square metres in your life.’ Mukti

H A N D S  A N D  F E E T


Spa Pedicure

60mins $115

So much more than just a pedicure. Lie back and escape with a signature aroma inhalation, a series of signature movements and a shoulder massage. A lower leg exfoliation, cuticle care, a thorough heal and foot buff. A heat infused mask and a decadent massage.


Finger Nail Buff And Polish

20mins $55

File, trim, buff and polish.


PLEASE NOTE - we do not remove shellac.


Eye Makeup

Eyes Lashes / Eye Brows

Eyebrow design                   $80
​Eyelash tint                          $30
Eyebrow tint                        $30
Lash, Brow tint, Brow wax      $70
Lash, Brow tint                     $50
Skin Care


Half leg wax                       $40 Full leg wax                         $65

Half arm wax                      $30 Full arm wax                        $35

Bikini                                  $30 G-string                              $45 Brazilian                             $70

Underarm                            $30

Eyebrows                            $30

Lip or Chin                          $30 Lip and Chin                       $35

Couple on the Beach

Spray Tan

Eco Tan                                   $60

Mine Tan                                 $60

Tuscan Tan                              $60