R E T R E A T  - R E L A X  - R E C H A R G E


THE CHAKANAExperience our most popular treatment, Chakana's signature facial. This is truly an experience. A ritual to balance your whole being. And very much at its core, what we are all about at Chakana. This is a treatment that takes you to your centre and reminds you of just how amazing you are. 90mins



OXYGEN FACIAL - The oxygen molecule is a critical element in the process of collagen formation. This Oxygen Therapy facial delivers an abundance of pure oxygen gas to the skin at the cellular level, boosting collagen formation, effectively rebuilding the skin from the inside out - a natural facelift.

A course of 3 is recommended. 60mins

$190 or $490 for a package of 3


PERFECTING PLANT PEELOur unique dual exfoliation. This is a non-chemical, deep intensive plant based peel that is an equivalent to a 30% glycolic peel. This facial re-balances the skin, smooths lines, wrinkles, refines pores and restores radiance. Experience the benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the redness or irritation. A Perfect introduction to skin peels, with no down time, and no post peel product commitment required.

60mins $175  


BOTANICAL SKIN RESURFACINGEnergize, smooth, refine, balance. 20% 30% 40% Lacto botanical peel. Progressive but not aggressive. Targeted treatments to address concerns such as dull, lifeless, sun-damaged and congested/problematic skin.

30min - $99 60min $165

A course of 3-6 treatments is recommended and a commitment to pre & post peel skincare is essential.

$495 for pack of 6 (30mins)


VITAMIN INFUSION Jump on board this new age of nutritional skincare with its advanced transdermal delivery system, designed especially to deliver actives into the skin. Brightening, firming and purifying. With a huge hit of Vitamin C, the wonder nutrient that transforms the skin, and boosts collagen production. A must do for a tired, ageing skin. 60mins



CUSTOMISED SKIN RITUALA Classical facial to suite all skins types. Customised to target your skin concerns with a papaya & pineapple enzyme peel and either a sculpted turmeric rubber mask, a peptide collagen sheet mask or an oxygen infusion. 60mins



QUICK FIX FACIAL - A mini facial. Includes a cleanse, brush exfoliation, steam and mask. Perfect if you are time poor or as an addition to a body treatment. 30mins 




BODY POLISH - An invigorating body scrub that stimulates the lymphatic system and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Starting with a full dry body brushing, the skin is prepared for a full body polish using customised salts to lift and remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Soak in an aroma bath to relax and discard salts. Then sink into the bed with a beautiful moisture infusing oil massage. Great for cellulite. 75mins 



BODY WRAP - Feel like an Egyptian Queen (or King) with this detoxifying, warming and rejuvenating treatment that will leave your skin glowing and your mind rested. Deep cleansing clay (heated and customised for you) is applied over your whole body, then you are cocooned in an insulated wrap. This is a deeply relaxing, hydrating and luxurious treatment. Included is a stress buster scalp treatment and an Aroma Bath. The treatment is finished with an oil infusing body massage. Bliss! 75mins 



BODY MASSAGE - Choose from our beautiful range of therapeutic, hot stone, aromatherapy, pregnancy and relaxation massages. We also offer couples massages. 

30mins  $ 80 

60mins $120

90mins  $160


HOT STONE FUSION - Experience deep relaxation while your muscles are warmed up, softened and massaged with hot stones. An amazing treatment that blends therapeutic, and relaxation massage. 90mins 



STRESS BUSTER SCALP MASSAGE - A tension relieving and deeply relaxing head massage. This treatment pays special attention to your face, including the jaw and tension points on the scalp. 45mins 



BACK BLISS - Treat the skin on your back with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, massage, and a customised mask. Great for congested pores. 60mins 




Detox and warm up in our infrared Sauna. Infrared heat penetrates into skin tissue, muscles and joints, increasing circulation and speeding up oxygen flow through the body to help repair and to ease aching muscles. The sauna is a great addition to any massage or great on its own.
Clothing/under-garmet essential.
Single session $45     10 sessions $300


SPRAY TAN - Flawless and Sun-Smart.

Eco Certified Organic Tan   $50 or pack of 3 $125

Tuscan Tan $45 or pack of 3 $110

20 mins

P A C K A G E S 

BODY BLISS- Dry body brushing, aroma massage, quick fix facial, foot wrap and stress buster scalp massage. 60mins 



BODY BOOST - Dry body brushing, full body wrap, aroma bath, quick fix facial and street buster scalp massage. 90mins



BODY BUZZ - Dry body brushing, invigorating body polish and botanical skin resurfacing facial 90mins 



ESCAPE - A customised skin ritual facial, therapeutic back, hand and foot massage 90mins 



WINTER WELLNESS - Hot stone fusion, quick fix facial, stress buster scalp and foot massage. 60mins 



ULTIMATE CHAKANA - T H E  C H A K A N A, a therapeutic back massage and an aroma bath. 120mins



BRIGHTEN UP - Vitamin C Infusion, spa mani, spa pedi, 

2 hours 45 mins 


H A N D S  &  F E E T 

CHAKANA HANDS - Full spa manicure, using Aveda's Beautifying range. Includes trim, shape, buff, aqua salt soak, cuticle treatment, forearm/hand exfoliation and a hand/forearm massage with Aveda's intensive hydrating mask. Polish included. 45mins 



EXPRESS MANICURE - File, cuticle trim, buff & polish. 25mins 



CHAKANA FEET - Full spa pedicure, using Aveda's Beautifying range. Includes trim, shape, buff, aqua salt soak, cuticle treatment, callus/dry skin buff, lower leg/foot exfoliation and a lower leg/foot massage with Aveda's intensive hydrating mask. Polish included. 60mins 



EXPRESS PEDICURE - File, tidy, cuticle trim, buff & polish. 30mins 



CHAMPAGNE PAMPER PLEASE - A party for two. For friends or couples. A spa pedi and express mani while robed up, and sitting next to your mate. Sip on champagne whilst enjoying a selection from our delicious cheese board. 90 mins



Champange Pedi only $270 60 mins

Champagne Spa Mani only $230 45 mins

W A X I N G 

C H A K A N A  W O M AN                        
E Y E B R O W  $30
L I P  O R  C H I N  OR  F AC E  $20
L I P  &  C H I N  $20
B I K I N I  $30
G - S T R I G  $40
B R A Z I L I A N  $60      
E v e r y  4  w e e k s  $55
Pack of 6  $300
H A L F  AR M  $25
F U L L  AR M  $35
H A L F  L E G  $40
F U L L  L E G  $65
F U L L  L EG  +  B I K I N I  $80
F U L L  L E G  +  G - ST R I N G  $90
F U L L  L EG  + B RAZ I L I AN  $110
F U L L  L E G + B I K I N I + U N D E R A R M  $90
U N D E R  A R M  $25
C H A K A N A  M A N 
N O S E  W A X  $10

H A L F  A R M  $35

F U L L  A R M S  $45


C H E S T  $35


S T O M A C H  $35


C H E S T  &  S T O M AC H  $65


H A L F  B A C K  $35


F U L L  B AC K  $65


H A L F  L EG  $55



F U L L  L EG  $85

E Y E S 

E Y E B R O W  D E S I G N  -  $60
E Y E L A S H  T I N T  - $30

E Y E B R O W  T I N T - $ 20

L A S H  &  B R O W  T I N T - $45

L A S H  &  B R O W  T I N T  &  S H A P E - $60

T A N N I N G 

O R G A N I C  E CO  S P R A Y  T A N  20mins  $55   

pack of 3 $125 

T U S C A N  T A N 20mins  $45  

pack of 3 $110 

BEFORE YOUR TAN - Do not apply any perfume, deodorant, cream or oils. Exfoliate your entire body before the treatment - pay special attention to dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing, preferably no bra.

Please note- the guide colour can stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool.


AFTER YOUR TAN - Do not shower or bathe before advised by therapist. Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment.

Some of the guide colour may transfer to bed linen. This will wash out of cotton but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool. But if using high end linen, we recommend to sleep on a towel.


T A N  M A I N T E N A N C E Apply Body Moisturiser or Tan booster daily between spray tans, this extends the life of your tan as well as ensures even fading. Do not rub, but pat your skin dry after showers or baths. Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan.

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