$195 60mins / $280 90mins


Add on:

Reiki $50 Sound Healing $50
Arvigo Therapy $50
Astrology $80. Additional 30mins
One-on-one Yin Yoga $80. Additional 30 minutes
Bath $60. Additional 30 minutes

Bodywork at its finest. Our signature massage will transform your physical and emotional health. Surrender your body and mind into the safety of trusted, masters of the craft. Blended with Eastern massage therapies, each stroke mindful, artful. Abandon thought, reconnect to your inner being with a sequence of signature movements. Dry body brushing, acupressure point release, lymphatic stimulation. Allow thermal stones to liquify rigidity. Warm bamboo shafts glide across the skin, tension dissipated. Harmonise your mind, body and soul.

Please inform us if you’re pregnant and we will happily customise the experience to meet your needs.


$280 90 minutes


This is a ritual. A ceremony. A holistic journey. A facial. A body treatment. This treatment goes well beyond the skin – this is a soul odyssey. A sequence of signature movements and a grounding of your meridians. Energy systems are cleansed and uplifted before you travel through a soulful sound healing. A deeply nurturing, forgiving experience to bring deep relaxation, balance and harmony. This treatment is true bliss.

Oil will be left in your hair, please advise therapist if this isn’t suitable. 


$450 90 minutes


Performed only by Mardi Ritchie.

Travel through the depths of inner consciousness with this ritualistic, energetic experience. Intuitively tailored, anchor into your true self with the healing power of touch and sound. Energy centres are activated using a series of sound elements. Rectify patterns of negativity and rigidity through restorative, stimulating strokes. An exclusive experience like no other, dive into this ritual of self-love to tap into the rising goddess within.

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