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Hello & Thankyou!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hello to all our Chakana Beauties!!! 

Hoping you have ALL settled into the new year.

Its been an amazing few months for us at our new Chakana! 

And we want to thank everyone who has been in, and invite everyone who hasn't yet visited our new space - to come!

I am Mardi for anyone who has not yet met me! The new Owner of Chakana. I have a long history with both Kate and Natalia and 

I am DEEPLY Passionate about the wellbeing of ALL!

I have been a Beauty Therapist/Massage Therapis† for more than 25 years. And absolutely love what I do. I always feel like I get to play music on peoples bodies. Tapping, cupping, tuning in. There is such a wonderful rhythm to it.

And I am always so inspired by everyones unique story. 

I approach Beauty/Wellbeing very holistically and over the years have developed my own, very unique way of working. 

If you haven't been in yet - COME! 

For the Month of March and we are offering a free Quick Fix Facial when you book in for a 30min Massage. So get ready to smell like Aveda!

(offer available weekdays)

So get to it people, don't miss out!

Call now and book. 

(02) 9918 6898

On another note- As promised we have started offering yoga classes on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings in our wellness space. Jump on the website and hit the yoga tab for details.


Maria has started her courses, but still has some spaces available if you wanted to jump on board. 

Leah has joined our team. She has been in the Industry for 15 years, has wonderful hands with the wisdom of years of experience under her belt. I am so happy to recommend her to you all. 

Look forward to seeing you soon. And stay tuned for more to come.


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