Coronavirus & our limited opening hours!

To all our Dear and Valued clients,

Firstly, we want to wish you all the very best of health and safety through this very alarming time, when the Coronavirus is changing life as we know it.

Like most of you, we have been taking it all day by day at Chakana.

Last week we still traded as normal.

Although this week we feel, given the current climate, we are going to limit our opening hours to just Thursday's and Saturday's.

We'd like to still offer our services.

As nice as it is that the government still considers our industry an essential service, we would also like to support the community in keeping people at home.

So we feel by closing our doors and limiting our trading hours to just 2 days a week, until we as a country have a handle on this pandemic, we are hopefully striking an acceptable balance.

In an effort to go above and beyond in and keeping everything completely sanitized, for both your wellbeing and ours, we are going to ask all clients to de-robe, shower, wash your hair then hang your clothes in our shower room.

Then make you way to our treatment rooms in one of our bathrobes.

And then re-dress in our shower room after your treatment.

We know this goes without saying - But please re-schedule your appointment if you have been around anybody that is sick, feel slightly sick yourself or have been overseas.

We would very much like to be here for you throughout this time, and of course in the aftermath.

So if you feel it fits within your values. Book in. We are still here for you.

Kindest Regards


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