Sound Experience

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$250 90 minutes


Dissipate stress, melt away tension. Artful, mindful, healing touch will release your back, neck, shoulders and jaw. A revitalising facial to renew and restore your skin. Retreat to the Infrared Sauna to detox, stimulate and release exhausted muscles. The healing power of touch with the warmth of hot stones to restore your most vital self. Deeply transformational for the body and the soul.


$280 90 minutes


A soul soothing, decadent ritual. A customised facial ceremony. Blissfully recentre with a deeply restorative back massage, then release and let go under the nurturing warmth of hot stones, while your legs and feet are carefully kneaded. Be lifted, transformed and restored to your most luminous equilibrium. This is a facial with a side of massage.

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